We are hiring!

We are always looking great professionals to join our team! You can always reach out to us even if there are not open positions available.

Aastat as an employer

Aastat wants to give best tools for employees to develop themselves. We are aiming to be company with most satisfied employees in Finland! Our aim is to give best possible setup for work and free time.

Flexibility, fair play and honesty. These are the values you can see in our everyday wok. We truly respect every employee as an individual.

What we do

We are mainly working with our clients using Functional Service Provision (FSP) model. Therefore, each employee has a unique way of doing things.

What we believe in

We want to be the best of the best. By sharing information and creating an environment where everyone can develop themselves. By doing this we believe we can get the best out of ourselves.

What we offer you

We can offer competitive salary and great bonus system. Moreover, we can offer you a place in very experienced and skillful team!

Consulting - Aastat

Meet our people

Please look at the team we already have. You can also contact any of us individually to learn more how it is to work in Aastat.